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Lakshmi Sundaram is the ideal treatment for all skin types, but most importantly, it's perfect for sensitive skin requires special attention and care. The treatment consists of massage of the whole body and head, warm oil. The oil used during surgery Lakshmi Sundaram is called "Ayurvedic oil doers of miracles." It restores us to firm, smooth and healthy body. It is famous for millennia both as a medicine and cosmetics.
Massage Lakshmi Sundaram 60 min. 260, - zł. 90 min. 330, - zł.
As a cosmetic, it is used to improve the skin's structure - its density, elasticity, firmness and smoothness flawless. Indeed miracles, restoring lost skin elasticity and youthful appearance. One contained the "miracle oil" component is the oil of cardamom. Ayurveda always knew and has used his extraordinary power. It is thanks to him, the skin is perfectly moisturized, and the muscles relaxed, devoid of any tension and contractions. Lakshmi Sundaram evens the skin, removing blemishes and all irregularities. Deeply penetrating our body, cleanses and strengthens the skin, nourishing it and effectively removing toxins.
As a medicine, it removes all skin ailments. First of all work-allergic and antiseptic. It is very effective ailments such as urticaria, allergic dermatitis, gastritis, and even fungal problems. During the procedure, massaged the warm oil penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, reaching the sources of common problems, healing any changes. If used regularly, it eliminates inflammation and prevents new ones. Protects the skin against new infections or irritation.
Lakshmi Sundaram helps our skin:
• strengthen immunity
• deeply moisturizes
• restores its natural elasticity and smoothness
• Has anti-allergic
• deeply cleanses and nourishes it
• removes toxins
• prevents the formation of infections
• smoothes, giving silky softness
Price of massage:
60 min. 260, - zł.
90 min. 330, - zł.


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