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Shirodhara - Ayurvedic massage of the third eye is the most important treatment Ayurvedic medicine, and the most characteristic. This procedure consists of pouring warm face oil, whey, depending on the doshas.
Shirodhara - warm ayurvedic oils,
Thakradhara - a specially crafted blend of whey with ayurvedic herbs.
Shirodhara treatment to bring the desired results, it should be repeated min. 3 or 5 or 7 times, day after day.
1 treatment - 300, - zł. / 3 treatments - 890, - zł. / 5 fugitives - 1 225, - zł. / 7 treatments - 1680 - zł.
1 treatment - 160, - zł. / 3 treatments - 430, - zł. / 5 treatments - 640, - zł. / 7 treatments - 985, - zł.
Proper selection procedure should be to a therapist.
This treatment can also be seen as a rite of anointing the "third eye," which is the sixth chakra - the Ajna. It allows you to achieve a state of deep inner peace and harmony, which are pulses for the entire body to regenerate psychophysical.
Stimulation of the 'third eye' stimulates centers located in the brain that produce serotonin, inducing a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. This treatment releases the subtle energy channels running along the spine, causing a calming and quieting the mind. This unique procedure allows to enter a state of total peace internal and external.
Action Shirodhary is very broad:
• stimulates the endocrine glands - the pituitary and pineal glands responsible for hormone secretion.
• Helps restore psychic balance - improves memory, expands perception and intuition, calms the nervous system.
• It gives reliable results in the case of:
- Nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, stress
- Sinus pain, disorders of hearing, vision, problems with concentration
• Relieves chronic headaches - migraines and mental overload
• Deeply relaxing, stimulating the activity of alpha brainwaves - introduces beneficial for the health state of blissful tranquility
• Eliminates mental and physical fatigue
• Reduces the symptoms of burnout, depression and many other psychosomatic diseases
• It is an effective means to treat any ailment neurovegetative and prolonged fatigue
• It regenerates the nervous system and removes tension from the neck and shoulders
• Shirodhara is also a way to combat insomnia and excessive levels of sugar
• Interestingly, very strengthens hair, prevents hair loss and delay the process of graying
Each Shirodhara treatment is preceded by a full body massage Abhyanga, which increases the effect of the treatment, through multi-level purification and stimulation of vitality and energy throughout the body.
Shirodhara treatment to bring the desired results, it should be repeated min. 3 or 5 or 7 times, day after day.
Price Shirodhara:
  1 x 60 min. 300, - zł.
  3 x 60 min. 890, - zł.
  5 x 60 min. 1 225, - zł.
  7 x 60 min. 1 680, - zł.
Price Thakradhara:
  1 x 60 min. 160, - zł.
  3 x 60 min. 430, - zł.
  5 x 60 min. 640, - zł.
  7 x 60 min. 985, - zł.
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