It is a procedure analgesic potent immune, which restores vitality. It is addressed to people whose body was destroyed long-term illness, convalescence or emotional trauma. It provides the body with essential minerals, rebuilds muscle tissue, relieves pain and helps in regaining the lost weight and strength.
Navara Each treatment is preceded by a full body massage oil ciepłum so zwiąksza the effect of the treatment through the multi-level purification, stimulation of blood flow, all the energy and vitality in the entire body.
The treatment Navara is never executed at once. To bring the desired results must be repeated in a series of minimum 7, day after day.
Price Lot 5. treatments Navara - 1 400, - zł. (5 x 60 min.) 3. treatments Navara - 950, - zł. (3 x 60 min).
Massage stamps Navara Kizhi is also used in cases of partial or complete paralysis, post-stroke, because it not only strengthens the nervous system, but mainly stimulates him to act. A positive effect on muscle tissue reconstruction. It is prescribed to people who have problems with taking of a proper weight, it can therefore be used as an adjunct in the treatment of anorexia.
This procedure can not be used for persons with overweight, high pressure, heart problems and fever.
This procedure is performed by two therapists who stamp the whole body with linen bags containing a special blend of herbs and rice Navara.
Price 7 Series treatments Navara - 1 715, - zł. (7 x 60 min.)
Warning !
Because of the need to prepare for each individual Navarakizhi, the abortion must save min. 1 day in advance.



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