Author: Inga

How to date a Polish girl?

How to date a Polish girl is a question that has occupied the thoughts of many men from all over the world. Although not all Polish girls will be open to dating western men, there are some who do and these women do have one thing in common. They are usually strong-minded and will not […]

Why are Polish girls so pretty?

The question on everyone’s lips has been plaguing me ever since Polish girls started learning to box back in the eighties. Why are Polish girls so good at boxing? Pretty much all women worldwide want to know that they could one day beat the pants off of a professional boxer, just like their male counterparts. […]

What are Polish women like?

So, you have decided that you want to date a Pole. But are you sure about it? If your answer is yes then you have definitely made up your mind and you need not waste any more time thinking things over. The best place to find out more about what are Polish girls like is […]

How to impress a Polish woman?

If you are thinking of traveling to Poland one of the things that you have to know about how to impress a Polish woman is that polish girls generally like guys who are easy to talk to. They like guys who can make them laugh and they like guys who understand the culture of polish […]

How to ask a Polish girl out?

How to ask a Polish girl out is one of those endlessly intriguing questions that many men find themselves asking, especially after spending some time abroad in polish lands. Many people wrongly assume that Poles are not interesting people. This is simply not true. In fact, Poles are quite interesting and fun loving, so much […]